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The Right Team to Create a Solution:

Our management help developed these very collectives across the last 30 years

  • Lim Tai Wah Founder
  • IT entrepreneur and Database Developer. Film and Music Producers. Media Outsourcing 30 years.
  • Vinyl pressing plant with China’s 2nd largest music producer company

Lim Tai Wah


Tai Wah has been a serial entrepreneur in the music and entertainment media business for more than 30 years.

Tai Wah understands the challenges in identifying, buying and payments for rights for producing music contents for media since the time he invested in a laser disc plant, then onto digital disc in his DVD plant and now onto vinyl record in his present vinyl pressing plant in Guangzhou, China.

Tai Wah is knowledgeable in software programing, having set up a software house developing database solutions since the 80’. He is currently running a facility in Malaysia preparing and programing multimedia contents for large Hollywood studios for physical and digital deliveries.

Tai Wah sees the employment of blockchain technologies as solving most of the shortcomings in the music industry and the opportunities in using decentralized bandwidth resources with advancement in compression technologies to disrupt the delivery of contents in the very near future.

  • Giouw Jui-chian Co-Founder
  • Former Regional Director 23 years
  • Consultant
    10 years

Giouw Jui-chian

Co Founder

Jui Chain is the Special Copyright Consultant for a legal firm in Beijing since 2007 with special focus on the issues of copyrights and entertainment industry related matters.

Mr Giouw has helped set up various national recording associations/trade groups as well as collective management organisations (CMO) in Asia. Well known within the mainland music industry circle as the defender of music copyrights, Mr Giouw is credited with obtaining the full copyrights for music videos and karaoke products in China.

Mr Giouw was Regional Director for Asia of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonograph Industry/Recording Industry) and is a highly respected voice in China’s legal and music copyright licensing space. He was also responsible for setting up the IFPI Representative Office in China in the early nineties. He also introduced the usage of ISRC codes to industry & government bodies.

Mr Giouw is also a founding director of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Society (HKIPS) which is now known as The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Society Limited.

Mr Giouw was appointed in 2008 as a Consultant by the Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC), a society representing music lyricist and composers in China.

He is consultant to the local Hong Kong audio visual association (IFPI HK Group) since 2010.

He is also the Director for Business Development of the oldest established indie label in Malaysia.

Veterans in Asian Music Industry with a combined 53 years of experience in China

Edward Lam
Members engagement and promotion director

Edward Lam

Members Engagement and Promotion Director

Membership onboarding and engagement Director. Eddie will spearhead the execution of our onboarding and membership engagement strategy through roadshows and social media. Eddie gained his experience in media productions and promotion at Macau Asia Satellite TV.

Sherwin Lee
Legal, Blockchain & Crypto Economic Advisor.

Sherwin Lee

Legal, Blockchain & Crypto Economic Advisor.

Sherwin Lee is the Legal and Blockchain / Crypto-Economic Advisor of EB Music.

As Managing Partner of QCP Soteria Node, Sherwin also provides relay and participation node infrastructure for the Algorand Blockchain Protocol and has experience in developing real world public blockchain use cases . Sherwin is a legal specialist in emerging technologies and also advises EB Music in legal, compliance and intellectual property/ technology law related matters

Vu Thanh Do
Chief Technology Officer

Vu Thanh Do


Vu Thanh Do is the co-founder and CTO of Vinsofts JSC. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and has worked for various MNCs in Vietnam. Thanh Do is excellent at Objective - C, swift, android, .Net, PHP, Ruby in rails, python, perl

Our advisors are equipped with

key connections in the music industry

  • Norman Cheng Acclaimed Chinese Music Industry Veteran with 52 years of experience
  • Ex- Chairman and CEO (Asia)

Norman Cheng

Senior Industry Consultant

Norman began his musical career in the 1960’s as lead guitarist for one of Hong Kong’s most popular pop groups, Teddy Robin and the Playboys. From this performing background, he scaled the heights of the recording industry to become one of the most influential music executives in Asia. Over the course of a multi-decade career, Cheng has been the Chairman of PolyGram Asia Pacific, Chairman of Universal Music in Asia, Chairman and CEO of EMI Recorded Music South East Asia with a role in overseeing Japan Toshiba-EMI music division and responsible for some of the biggest names in contemporary Chinese music - artists such as Jacky Cheung, the world's best-selling Chinese recording artist, Teresa Teng, the legendary Chinese diva, Canto-pop icons Sam Hui and Alan Tam and pianist Yundi Li, the China classical music prodigy. Norman's executive excellence and flair for discovering new talents and advancing/relaunching the career of established artists ensure that the companies he managed were in dominant position. In 1998, he received the inaugural Pioneer Award at the MTV/Billboard Asian Music Conference for his contributions to Asian Music. He was also the first Asian Chinese to oversee the Japanese operations of the major labels.

Norman quit working for the major labels in 2008 to run his own entertainment company, Typhoon Group, which worked in music production and music publishing, film investment, artist management, concert investment and new media development. In 2011, he sold his share in the successful Typhoon Group to Pacific Capital.

  • team
  • Nic Garnett Internationally recognised Music Industry Advisor with 28 years of experience

Nic Garnett

Music Industry Advisor

Nic Garnett is a consultant to leading international law firms specializing in copyright and technology law.

Nic is an experienced legal and business advisor in the fields of intellectual property law, rights management and digital media technology. He is an expert in the development of music copyright registries and understands the political, economic and legal challenges faces this space.

From 2009 to 2013 he worked as lawyer in the United Kingdom principally advising the UK Government’s innovation agency on a variety of intellectual property projects.

Prior to that he ran his own business consultancy in digital media for a number of years in Mountain View, California. There he advised numerous startups and established businesses in technology and copyright management strategies.

Nic is also a former SVP at InterTrust Technologies in Santa Clara, California which is a leader in DRM technology.

From 1992 to 1999 Nic was the Director General and CEO of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), and before that, IFPI's Regional Director for South East Asia.

Nic has also worked with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) for many years contributing to numerous meetings and conferences and writing a number of studies.

  • Wang Yan Dong Music Industry Advisor

Wang Yan Dong

Music Industry Advisor

Ms. Wang Yan Dong works for Tenwell Law Firm in Beijing as partner and Director, focused on intellectual property rights.

● Ms. Wang is one of the first generation pioneers in China’s National Government for legislative affairs in the first and primary period of reform after the Cultural Revolution. Having accumulated over 20-years of legislation related work, Ms. Wang has participated in the drafting, consultation and modification over one hundred laws, regulations, rules, particularly in the Economic and Intellectual Property field.

● Ms Wang received her L.L.M in Beijing University. From 1979 to 1998, Ms Wang assumed official positions in the Economic Laws & Regulations Study Center of the State Council of China and has been Director of Intellectual Property (“IP”) Division under the Department of Education, Science, Culture and Health in Legal Affairs Office of the State Council of China.

● Additionally, Ms Wang worked as the Chief Representative & Lawyer at the Beijing Office of IFPI International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) from 1998 - 2003. During her experience at IFPI Beijing Office and Beijing Tenwell Law Firm, Ms. Wang acted as litigation counsel and advisor for members of IFPI, including global recording groups, such as Universal, Warner, Sony, BMG, EMI, representing them in more than 100 civil lawsuits relating to IP infringement in China.

  • Oscar Wang Co-Founder, Serial Entrepreneur and Showbiz icon
  • Chief Creative of Artiste Management

Oscar Wang

Co Founder

Oscar wang is born to an entertainment family. Oscar continued to nurture his creativity with 5 years of training in fine arts sculpture and a degree in spatial design from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He has launched multiple companies including Studio Waffles, a design consultancy specializing in design, branding and marketing strategy. As a CCO of BRDN, Oscar leads a team to create the most compelling and resonant collaborations between celebrities and brands.

  • Elroy Cheo Co-Founder, Serial Entrepreneur and Showbiz icon

Elroy Cheo

Co Founder

Elroy Cheo is a Singapore entrepreneur with marketing flair who is a ‘bon vivant’ in the Taiwanese Mandopop scene.

Elroy is co-founder and sees himself as an effective bridge between the tech-space and the music industry in Asia.

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